Coalition Of Environmentally

Conscious Growers

How does the use of a real Christmas tree affect the environment? Environmentally conscious people are naturally concerned about the impact on the planet of their decisions as consumers.

The Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers environmental christmas tree farmswas founded in 2007 by four Oregon Christmas tree farms for the purpose of obtaining an authentic, Independent and verifiable environmental audit of their farming practices, and to communicate with the public about the nature of Christmas tree farming.

Today, Christmas tree farming is a long way removed from the days when trees were cut from the oregon christmas tree farmforests. Now Christmas trees are grown on farms all across America with commercial production concentrated in Michigan, North Carolina and Oregon, which is the nation's largest producer.

Christmas tree farms are overwhelmingly family owned farms, hearkening back to an earlier era in American agriculture. A labor-intensive crop, growing Christmas trees offers small landholders an environmentally responsible way to continue to produce an income from their land.

certified christmas tree growerOne small family Christmas tree farm in Oregon, Santa & Sons Christmas Trees has been a leader in the certification process. Owner Mark Rohlfs says “As farmers we have always had a deeply held respect for and love of the earth. Documenting the soil and water conservation practices we have in place on the farm, and the riparian protections, wildlife habitat and commitment to biodiversity on the lands we farm is essential if we want consumers to enjoy these Christmas trees at the holidays with an open heart, knowing they are helping to sustain good green jobs here in America and at the same time providing decent, hard-working people a way to make a living from their land. People want to buy a real Christmas tree, and it's our job to let them know that we are committed to growing those trees in a responsible and environmentally sustainable way." Click here to see pictures of Santa & Sons Environmentally Certified Oregon Christmas Tree Farm.